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Cherokee Equities, LLC promotes community development by acquiring Tax Sale Certificates and converting them into responsible properties. We help reduce the "board-ups" and "eyesore" properties, and help strengthen the fiscal and social fabric of local neighborhoods, and increase the vitality of your community. Cherokee is committed to being a responsible property owner and a good corporate citizen.

Our activities help strengthen your municipality. Here's how:

Liquidity. We acquire Tax Sale Certificates, primarily associated with distressed properties. We always pay the subsequent taxes on time, and commence forecloses promptly.

Maintenance. If we own a tax lien or mortgage on a vacant property, we attempt to acquire the right to enter and maintainthe property. If permitted, we carefully monitor and maintain the property, doing everything possible to prevent it from being an eyesore or worse.

How We Acquire Tax Sale Certificates. Cherokee rarely buys Tax Sale Certificates ("Certs") at the original sales, which is why many Collectors don't know us. Instead, we usually acquire "aged" Certs on distressed properties, from larger traders like Plymouth, Capital, Ironwood, Breen and Sass, by assignment. We then complete the foreclosure process.

Property Owner. When we acquire a distressed property, it is transferred to our affiliate organization that manages rental properties. The property is totally renovated, and thereafter is meticulously maintained.

We are responsive, concerned local business people. If you'd like to know more about us and what we do, we'll be pleased to come to your office, and discuss any questions, comments or concerns, you may have. We invite your inquiries.

Ms. Charlotte Cohen

Cherokee Equities, LLC
133 Maple Avenue
Red Bank, NJ 07701

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