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This page briefly describes the protocol used by Cherokee Equities to harvest the value from an illiquid real estate equity, such as a Tax Sale Certificate, Mortgage, or REO. We use essentially the same process whether we're working on our own assets, or on behalf of a client.

When working for a client, the first and most important step is to listen. What are the client's objectives, and situation?

Is maximum recovery, or maximum speed, more important? (If anyone says you can have both, you should quickly walk away). This business is sometimes as much art as science.

With an understanding of our client's needs and desires, and an Engagement Agreement completed, we land running:

1. We start by conducting an exhaustive analysis of each individual asset to determine Net Present Value ("NPV"). This includes an analysis of the lien, the collateral, and the other interested parties (collateral owner, other lien holders, etc.)

For example, if we were representing a tax certificate holder on a property where the mortgage was upside down, our strategy would be different than if our cert was third in line on a tainted property in a distressed community.

2. We determine the optimal work-out plan for each individual asset.

3. We submit our portfolio analysis results and proposed work-out plan to the client for approval, and receive an expense draw if applicable.

Process & Monitor
After agreeing on a recovery plan, we start the process:

4. We promptly begin the work-out, using all legal and responsible means to expedite the process.

5. We attempt negotiations with other interested parties concurrent with the foreclosure process. Pragmatic cooperation facilitates more expeditious resolutions.

6. We redeem subsequent and subordinate liens and encumbrances when it protects and enhances the value of our own asset.

Conclusion: Liquidity
The end result of our recovery operations is either a cash redemption, or getting title to the collateral real estate:

7. If the foreclosure recovery process results in the lien (whether a tax certificate or mortgage) being redeemed, the funds are placed into an escrow lockbox account. We provide a complete accounting, and the proceeds are disbursed in accordance with the Engagement Agreement. Liquidity has been created.

8. If the foreclosure (mortgage) recovery process results in a court-ordered Sheriffs Sale, we use all ethical means to expedite the event and insure a complete recovery.

9. If the foreclosure (tax certificate) recovery process results in a court-ordered default, we use all responsible means to quiet and clear title to the real estate. In this event we then calculate the amount our client would have received had there been a redemption, and Cherokee buys the real estate from the client for that amount, immediately.

Thus, Cherokee's client is guaranteed a "liquidity event" regardless of how their asset recovery is resolved. This guarantee is one main point of differentiation between Cherokee and straight law firms or other asset recovery firms.

To learn how this methodology can create liquidity for you, please contact:

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